Rehabilitation Program

Rehabilitation consists of a set of techniques and methods that allow the recovery of the function or activity of the body that has been diminished or lost due to injury or illness. Rehabilitation is carried out as needed and as a complement, whenever necessary, to medical treatment. A good rehabilitation program can be advantageous, not only to a horse with injuries, but to effectively train horses that need to bring their performance to the next level through increased fitness and strength.


With the specific rehabilitation we will help the repair and regeneration of the tissues, to reduce (and avoid) invasive techniques. We will also achieve pain control and with it a decrease in the use of drugs that often intervene negatively in regenerative processes.


We are committed to a more dynamic recovery, avoiding the obsolete absolute rest that contribute to the appearance of degenerative processes.


To do this, we combine different techniques or tools, including:


  • Manual therapies such as chiropractic, sports massage or applied neurodynamics, where we will work on bone, neurological, joint and soft tissue structures.


  • Electrotherapy such as Advanced Vet Radiofrequency Diathermy (INDIBA) or TENDS (Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation Technique).


  • Therapeutic work or advice according to technique: We will emphasize the, sometimes forgotten but very interesting “down to earth” work, where we will use, as necessary, proprioception exercises, exercises with elastic bands… General riding guidelines will be given and, if possible, , could be combined with aquatic therapy.


With all this and during a rehabilitation treatment we will achieve a complete sports readaptation of our animal.