Advanced Vet Diathermy by Radio Frequency

Non-invasive therapy permitted by the IEF (International Equestrian Federation).


Advanced Vet Diathermy by Radio Frequency is an advanced physiotherapy technology for pain management in chronic and acute pathologies or for the maintenance of optimal muscle tone.


It works by restoring the intercellular biochemical environment to favor the natural mechanisms of recovery and regeneration. To do this, it generates an effect that deepens and remains in the tissues, causing a biomodulating result that increases the amount of nutrients and oxygen in them.


It is a great complement to manipulative techniques such as chiropractic when the misalignment of the spine is caused by a muscular contracture resulting from overexertion or a disorganization of fibers due to old injuries.


With this therapy we obtain great results:


  • Reduction of recovery times in tendon, ligamentous, muscular and bone injuries, regenerating and calming the injuries.


  • Edema treatment, reabsorbing the accumulated fluid and relieving the discomfort and degeneration that the pressure of the stored fluid generates in the surrounding tissues.