How often is it recommended to treat, chiropractically speaking, an animal?


Instead of establishing standardized guidelines, we consider that the ideal is to evaluate case by case, and according to the diagnosis or the specific needs of each animal (prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a pathology, sporting animals…) establish the periods of time for each session or visit.


Patients with specific pathologies: The period between sessions will be determined by the problem and its evolution.
E.g. In the case of Aro, an 8-year-old giant poodle with herniated discs, visits were scheduled every 3 months.


Patients who carry out preventive sessions: According to the wishes of their owners.
E.g. In the case of Portos, a 23-year-old criollo horse, every month, according to the wishes of its owner.


Patients with a high level of training: Maintenance every 15 days (chiropractic could be alternated with sports massage).


Sport animals. Visits with an interval of between 1 and 3 months.

Animals that face a strength competition, such as polo or show jumping: just before the competition, to reap the benefits of chiropractic treatment.


Tanda horses: The ideal would be visits with an interval of between 3 and 6 months.


How long does it take for improvements to be noticed in animals?


Depending on the degree of affection, the improvement can be perceived at the moment of unblocking, although the full effect of a chiropractic manipulation is appreciated after about five days; once the body, through the nervous system, understands or integrates its new alignment.

Recent studies have shown that the post adjustment period produces an increase in strength during the 40 min after treatment.


Are medications used in chiropractic treatment?

The Greek etymology kheir, root of the word chiropractor, means hand. With this a chiropractic adjustment of the whole body is performed exclusively using the hands. Sometimes tools that fulfill the function of unlocking the hands, hammers, can be used. In some cases, when there is acute pain, before chiropractic treatment some type of anti-inflammatory, either of natural or chemical origin, can be used to make the treatment more effective.


What diseases and problems can be treated with chiropractic treatment?

The most common use of chiropractic is to solve mobility problems, in which the body’s biomechanics are compromised. Another recurring use is to activate mobility in animals subjected to long prostrations, post-surgery or of advanced age. The activation of the nervous system when osteoarthritis, degenerative or long periods of convalescence begin to develop is visibly satisfactory. On the other hand, there is the prophylactic or prevention aspect. It consists of performing a chiropractic adjustment every so often to maintain a healthy and flexible spine and with it an active nervous system and organism. Actually the use of Chiropractic is much broader since, depending on the area of ​​the spine and the branch of the nerve that has been affected, injuries can occur in other parts of the body. For example, an impingement in the lumbosacral area can lead to fertility problems. Like an impingement in the cervical area can lead to hearing problems of tearing. Chiropractic treatment helps to improve all these injuries and compensate for them.


How do I request a visit?

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