Saddle Fit Check

A more holistic view of the horse world, together with the fact that backs are one of our specialties, has led us to bet on the importance of well-adjusted equipment for the health, comfort and long sporting life of our companions. As the same mount does not work or adapt correctly to all horses.


Our horse saddle fit check process consists on:



  • Checking the horse’s back, observing the tone of the muscles and the presence of sensitivity or pressure points.


  • Assessment of the state and symmetry of the chair.


  • Observing how the rider places the equipment that he usually wears on the horse.


  • Evaluation, together with the rider, of the saddle used and the method of placement, to determine if they are suitable for the animal.


  • Search for adjustment solutions.


  • Advice to get a tailor-made saddle that is perfectly suited to the horse and the rider, taking care of taking exact measurements to send to the saddler.