Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustment is a non-invasive therapy permitted by the IEF (International Equestrian Federation). It is based on the fundamentals of chiropractic, that is, on the spine and the effects it has on the nervous system, always treating the animal as a whole.


In what does it consist of?


  • Previous anamnesis (or preparation of the history). For its preparation, we will carry out an analysis of the possible injuries of the animal or the state of the rider’s spine, among others.


  • Observation of the movements of the animal to detect possible injuries. Assessment of the alignment and symmetry in the different paces, how it plumbs and how it wears horseshoes or hooves.


  • Assessment of muscle development to rule out the presence of any strong muscle contracture by palpating and analyzing the tone of the mass.


  • Subsequent assessment of the range of motion (ROM) of the entire spine and adjustment of the necessary areas. Manipulation of some of the extremities if necessary, according to the data obtained in the previous analysis and during the adjustment.


  • Study of how and where the rider positions the mount, in the case of horses. We also offer an advisory service for the adjustment of the frame if necessary.


For us, in a chiropractic adjustment, it is really important to respect the times of each animal. That is why we try to stimulate them so that they are able to show the necessary tension release symptoms and we design a carefully created plan based on each individual horse’s specific needs so that the chiropractic adjustment has its greatest effect.